The physical environment of the stores and the stories act as the engine for the creation of products and all graphic communication. All these elements, properly orchestrated with chocolate recipes, awaken our senses and lead us to an emotional state in which we all want to be. The brand concept involves customers, inviting them to be part of our history.

The Chocolataria Equador is a growing story. We are currently present in several countries and cities, to be closer to you and thus to be able to offer you our best chocolate. Discover here all our stores.
  • Chocolataria Equador Barcelona

    Barcelona - ES
    Carrer Petritxol, 17
    +34 935139124

  • Chocolataria Equador Girona

    Girona - ES
    Carrer Santa Clara, 44
    +34 972909886

  • Chocolataria Equador Bandeira

    Porto - PT
    Rua Sá da Bandeira, 637
    +351 222018167

  • Chocolataria Equador Flores

    Porto - PT
    Rua das Flores, 296
    +351 222018167

  • Chocolataria Equador Viterbo

    Porto - PT
    Rua Sousa Viterbo, 42
    +351 222018167

  • Chocolataria Equador Lisboa

    Lisboa - PT
    Rua da Prata, 97
    +351 213420472

  • Chocolataria Equador Braga

    Braga - PT
    Rua do Souto, 22
    +351 222018167

  • Chocolataria Equador Coimbra

    Coimbra - PT
    Rua Fernandes Thomas, 3
    +351 222018167